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Islam is a word that means “surrender” or “submission” in the Arabic language, and it refers to submission to the will of God. As strange as it may appear, Islam is a religion that prohibits the use of “holy symbols,” unlike how Christians and Jews use symbols to symbolize their faith and beliefs.

The use of geometric shapes to depict Islam was forbidden by early Muslim authorities. This is why Islamic coins don’t have visual symbols. Instead, they are coated with Arabic writing. Despite the limitations, symbolism has found its way into a wide variety of Islamic art and architecture.

Symbols are used to indicate an association with Islamic traditions and beliefs. Love, peace, and friendship are some of the connotations associated with Islamic symbols. Below is the list of Islamic symbols for peace, love, friendship and strength.

9 Islamic Symbols And Their Meanings

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Islamic Symbols For Peace

Crescent and Star

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The stars and crescent moon symbolize Islam’s faith and belief system. It is often seen in a variety of contexts, including Islamic banners, diplomatic seals, government stamps, and the national flags of various current Arab states.

The emblems are meant to symbolize unity and brotherhood. The crescent moon is the first phase of the moon, representing growth and development, while the star represents illumination by the light of wisdom and peace.

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The symbols of the crescent moon and star are also associated with the beginning of the Islamic month of Ramadan. The five-pointed star symbolizes the Five Pillars of Islam (profession of faith, prayer, alms, fasting, and pilgrimage), which are the cornerstones of the faith, while the crescent moon and stars also represent the magnificence of the creator.

The Color White

White is primarily associated with good qualities such as purity, balance, and innocence. It also has the effect of making people feel calm, tranquil, and serene. It brings in natural light and creates a fresh atmosphere while also conveying elegance and modesty.

It symbolizes feelings of divine, holy, and pure devotion. White is probably the second most commonly recognized color in Islam after black.

The color white is considered to be the purest and cleanest color in Islam, and it is also the color of Muhammad’s flag, the Young Eagle. Early Islamic troops and caravans flew basic solid-colored flags (usually black or white), except the Young Eagle of Muhammad, which had the shahada engraved on its feathers.

Since white signifies purity and serenity, Muslims who attend Friday prayers are frequently seen wearing it. It is also worn by Muslims when they are completing sacred ceremonies of pilgrimage.

When the Umayyads fought the Abbasids during the Caliphate period, they picked white for their battle standards, and the color has since featured on numerous Islamic flags throughout the world.

The Color Green

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Green is generally known as a symbol of Islam and Muslim dignitaries around the world. It has acquired symbolic significance due to the popular idea that Mohammed frequently donned a green cloak, and green was his favorite color.

Green is a symbol of renewal and energy, and it represents the happiness and success that are thought to come with living a devoted Muslim lifestyle.

It indicates adherence to Islamic doctrine and represents the hope for peace that can be achieved by carrying out God’s will. Arabic-Islamic heraldry and royal, tribal, and family insignia and the flags of Arab countries are all dominated by the color green.

Muslims typically use this color to decorate mosques and the interiors of their homes. Green and its varied shades are related to a large number of words in the Arabic language. It can be found in theological language, popular literature, and traditional Arab poetry.

Islamic Symbols for Love


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The rainbow is one of the most unique and beautiful natural phenomena. When the sun shines through a rainbow, it creates a bent or curved line in the sky composed of seven colors: red, orange, green, blue, indigo, yellow, and violet, each signifying a unique meaning.

In Islamic culture, the rainbow is regarded as a symbol of spring and rebirth, which depicts the coming together of human and cosmological dualisms: masculine and feminine, earth and sky, fire and water, hot and cold, matter and light.

The rainbow is referred to as the “wife of rain” (al-‘arussat ash-shta) or the “arc of the prophet” in the Maghrib (Northern Africa) (al-qaus an-nabi). According to an old Arabic legend, the rainbow is referred to as the “belt of Fatima, the resplendent,” who lived from 606 to 632 A.D. and was Mohammed’s fourth daughter.

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In Islam, birds are referred to and depicted as defenders, messengers,and soul emblems. Their association with Abraham, David, Solomon, and Jesus is significant. A heavenly miracle is utilizing birds to assuage Abraham’s concerns.

The story of David reveals to Muslims that birds frequently praise God in their words. Solomon could speak to birds and chose the Hoopoe as his messenger. And Jesus was to show God’s omnipotence by bringing clay birds to life.

One of the important birds in Islamic culture is the partridge. Partridge symbolizes both growth, love, and abundance. There is a myth that the Partridge and the Moon have a love affair. He has access to the moon’s forces in all phases due to their love, which he can apply to select traits.

For example, Partridge energy creates a complete partnership when the moon is full. At night, Partridge wards off unwanted love advance.

Islamic Symbols For Friendship


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Muslims revere the spiderdue to a narrative that a spider saves Mohammed’s life. The Quraishitas was after the Prophet and his friend Abu Bakr Ibn Quhafa.

To avoid being captured, they hid in a cave for three days. The Quraishitas couldn’t see the cave because a spider had woven a compact web that entirely concealed its entrance. Some Muslims believe God used a spider to save Mohammed and his friend’s lives.

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Friendship is so vital in Islam that members of the Muslim community refer to one another as brothers and sisters. So, when looking for a friend, it’s crucial to look for characteristics such as the spider’s willingness to save one’s life no matter what it takes to do so.

The Color Blue

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Socialization and companionship are extremely important in Islam, and the religion hasa high value on both. When it comes to any relationship, thesense of camaraderie is quite essential. Islamic culture believed that turquoise blueis considered to have mystical characteristics.

At the same time, blue is commonly used to represent the impenetrable depths of the universe. A person with blue eyes is therefore considered to have divinely gifted attributes. Blue is also a color of trust and loyalty which is essential in any friendship.

Islamic Symbols For Strength


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The eagle symbolizes bravery, strength, and creation. It is regarded as a sacred bird, renowned for its powerful spiritual presence.

The eagle, which is a solar sign, predates Islam as well. It is frequently depicted on national pendants, either alone or in conjunction with another eagle, to represent warlike ferocity, nobility, and domination and is also associated with heroic qualities.


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Throughout the centuries, the lion has been recognized as a symbol of strength in many cultures. It is prominent in the decorative arts and myths of many cultures, including Islam.

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The lion is a popular image in Islamic art and culture, representing bravery, strength, and valor. Itappears several times in the Qur’an, hadith (prophetic traditions), and traditional Arabic poetry.

For example, Muslim historians have compared the divine voice heard in Mecca during the Prophet’s time to that of a lion roaring in the desert, and the phrase “the lion will lie down with the lamb” is used in Islamic tradition to describe the eschatological peace that will be established on judgment day under a just and worthy ruler.


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